Guide to Displaying Your Business Locations

Explore how to effectively display your business locations on your Webfolio website. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to add and name your primary and additional addresses, enabling customers to easily find your operations across different locations. Let Webfolio help you increase your accessibility and reach.

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Introduction: Maximizing Your Webfolio Capabilities

Webfolio provides the versatility to display up to four distinct addresses on your website, offering you the means to accurately represent your business's physical presence.

The Importance of a Primary Address

The first address you input will be designated as your "primary address," generally signifying your main office or headquarters. This serves as a crucial point of contact and will be the default location associated with your business.

Leveraging Multiple Locations

For businesses operating in multiple locales, featuring additional addresses can be advantageous. For instance, you may provide services at different locations on specified days. Adding these addresses allows you to clearly communicate your operational structure to your customers, ensuring they can reach you at the right location at the right time. Adding more addresses is a straightforward process through your profile's dashboard.

Inputting the Full Address

Make sure to enter the complete address for each location you intend to display. This information should be accurate and will be cross-verified with the Google Maps database to ensure correctness and to provide a seamless experience for users trying to locate you.

Assigning a Name to the Address

To enhance the user's understanding of each location, you must assign a custom name to each address. This could be indicative of the location's function or nature, such as "Gym Club," "Studio," "Store," or "Office." This not only gives your customers a clearer picture of your operations but also lends a personalized touch to your site.