Optimizing Business Information on Your Website

Ensure your Webfolio site communicates effectively with your audience by providing accurate and comprehensive business information. This guide walks you through how to input vital details like contact information, company identifiers, languages spoken, and accepted payment methods, all visible on your website's footer and contact page.

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Why business-related information are important

Getting started with your Webfolio website requires entering some essential business-related information. This step is crucial as it facilitates smooth communication between you and your customers, and fosters a sense of trust and professionalism. Please ensure you provide accurate and up-to-date information to maintain a seamless interaction flow and elevate the user experience on your site.

Business Email Address

This is the email address clients can use to contact you; it will appear on all pages of your website.

Business Phone Number

This is the phone number clients can use to contact you; it will also appear on all pages of your website.

EU VAT Number (Optional)

If you are a Europe-based company, please enter your VAT number here.

Other Company Identifier (Optional)

If applicable, enter any other official identifier for your company (e.g., GST number).

Primary Spoken Language

Specify the primary language spoken within your company.

Additional Languages (Optional)

Enter any additional languages spoken within your company.

Accepted Payment Methods

Select all payment methods accepted by your company.