Displaying Your Service Rates on Your Website: User Guide

Webfolio's Rates Manager simplifies the process of managing and publishing your service rates, offering you the flexibility to modify them as your business needs evolve. If you prefer not to disclose a specific service rate, we provide an option for that as well. Find out how to best utilize this feature in our comprehensive guide.

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Webfolio's Rates Manager

Webfolio's intuitive rates manager makes it effortless to establish, modify, and publish your service rates. This feature allows you to present your rates in an organized manner, enabling your potential clients to make informed decisions about your services.

Setting and Modifying Rates

To use this feature, simply input the rate corresponding to each service you offer. This can be hourly rates, package rates, or per-project rates, depending on your business model. The rates manager allows you to easily make modifications whenever needed, providing flexibility for seasonal changes, promotional offers, or business strategy shifts.

Opting for Confidential, or "On-demand" Rates

If you prefer not to publicize a rate for a specific service, there's no need to worry. Instead of publishing an exact figure, enter "Rates provided upon request" (or a similar phrase) in the service description field. This allows you to maintain your pricing strategy's privacy while still prompting potential clients to reach out for more details.