Website Address: How to Choose a URL for Your Website

Picking a website address is a crucial step in establishing your online presence. Our Starter Pack at Webfolio makes it easy to get started with a free sub-domain, offering you the option to upgrade when you're ready. Our guide provides practical tips for choosing a domain name that's simple, memorable, and relevant to your business.

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Free Sub-Domain

At Webfolio, we're well aware that buying a domain name can pose an additional cost, especially for small businesses or individuals who are just entering the online space. That's why our Starter Pack includes a free sub-domain, such as, to host your website. This sub-domain serves as an excellent lunching pad for those not ready to invest in a custom domain name immediately.

Sub-Domain to Domain: Seamless Transitions

Should you ever decide to upgrade from a sub-domain, you can easily do so. Moreover, for a nominal fee of just $3, you can connect your custom domain name to the website you've created through Webfolio. This flexibility ensures that as your business grows, your online presence can adapt and expand in tandem.

Critical Factors in Choosing Your Domain

The domain name or sub-domain you pick for your website is pivotal to its success. It's essentially your digital address that potential customers use to find your services online. Consequently, it's essential to ensure it is both relevant to your business and easy for users to remember.

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Domain Name

When deciding on a domain name, consider the following tips to enhance its effectiveness:

  1. Simplicity is key: The domain name should be straightforward to spell and short, making it easier for visitors to remember and type into the browser.
  2. Avoid numbers and special characters: These can cause confusion and are typically harder to remember. Stick to words that reflect your business or the services you provide.
  3. Relevance matters: Choose a domain name that relates to your business or industry to help users and search engines understand what your website offers.