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Start by creating a Webfolio account. The information you enter on the registration page (name, company name, etc.) will only be used for administrative purposes; they will not be used to feed your website. Use a strong password to protect your account.

Onboarding questionnaire

General Information

It is mandatory to complete the general information page of the questionnaire, and the data you provide will be used to feed multiple parts of your website. The page is divided into six sections:

  • Identify your business and highlight your activities at a high level.
  • A list of business-related information (contact details, legal identifiers, languages spoken, payment methods accepted, etc.).
  • The location(s) and the travel radius (if applicable).
  • Hours of operation (opening and closing times).
  • Provide links to social networks and professional networks (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • Links to external websites (e.g. a blog, another website, etc.).
Onboarding questionnaire

Services and specialties

This is probably one of the most important pages of the questionnaire. Adding all your services (business activities), specialties, and areas of expertise will be the first thing you need to do. Hundreds of sectors are already incorporated in our database; you can add yours if they don't exist. The following sub-sections are included on this page:

  • Sectors in which you operate (e.g. Yoga Instructor, Plumber, Electrician, Fitness Coach, etc.). Add up to 10 sectors.
  • The number of years that you have been working in the field.
  • A free-text field to explain your strengths, share sector-related information, etc.
  • What you can do and what you specialize in.
  • Who is recommended to use your services.
  • Types of appointments (e.g. at clients’ homes, at your homes, at the beach, etc.).
  • The rates for your service (with a free text zone if you want to discuss gift cards, group discounts, etc.).
  • A picture that serves as an illustration.
Onboarding questionnaire

Pictures and Videos (Optional)

Bring life to your website and boost visitors' engagement by uploading up to 50 photos and videos (from YouTube or Vimeo). Each image can even have a description. It is very easy to add or remove pictures:

  • Upload pictures via your Computer.
  • Upload pictures via your Webcam.
  • Upload pictures via Facebook.
  • Upload pictures via Instagram.
  • Upload pictures via Google Photos.
Onboarding questionnaire

Additional Information (Optional)

Here you can provide your visitors with additional information you believe will be useful to the visitors of your website. There are five sections on this page:

  • Credentials, certifications, courses, etc.
  • Awards and accomplishment.
  • Professional associations and affiliations.
  • Team members (if any).
  • Client testimonials.
Onboarding questionnaire

Configuration and Publication

After you have answered all the questions of the questionnaire described previously, you will now need to take the final steps before launching your website:

  1. Choose a website template: Think about whether you want a minimalist or colorful template when picking a website template.
  2. Choose your website address (URL): you can choose any subdomain, such as xyz.webfolio.com, for free, or link your own domain name for only $3.
  3. Choose your plan: Subscribe to our monthly or annual plan, and pay by credit card.
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Your website looks fantastic, and you did an excellent job! By logging in, you can access your profile's dashboard, where you can add, edit, and remove information at any time.


Having tried different site builders, webfolio.com is by far the simplest and most frictionless platform that I’ve ever used. I’m very happy with the website that I created!

David Chery ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The cost vs. benefits of using webfolio.com is just incredible. For barely more than a few dollars per month I have a website that looks better than most of my competitors.

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